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Assisted Living


At Strength To Love Assisted Living in Baltimore MD, each day is a celebration of your life and all that life has to offer. We are a new facility dedicated to providing exceptional personalized holistic resident centered care in order to meet individual needs and preferences. We offer services to senior citizens and adults with special needs.

Our facility provides residents a home-like, nurturing, and supportive environment which will enhance their quality of life while enabling each resident independence, individuality, personal dignity, freedom of choice, privacy and respect. Our goal is to deliver unprecedented quality care from a highly qualified staff, while seeking to enrich our resident’s physical, social, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

Affordable Care

We Accept Medicare Waiver

We Love What We Do


Our Philosophy


Our philosophy stems from the foundation that assisted living should be based on possibilities rather than boundaries. For us, that means forming communities that motivate seniors to live fully and explore new interests, while engaging in activities and staying connected to the life they once knew and loved. We create a vibrant facility where our residents can enjoy feeling valued while accessing opportunities and support that help them continue to make a difference in our world. Reach out to us today to learn more!

About the Owners


Strength To Love Assisted Living was established in 2015, and is owned and operated by, Mary DeJarnette, MSN, RN and Jennifer Gibson, BSN, RN. Mary DeJarnette has a Master’s degree in Nursing with emphasis in Nursing Administration and Leadership, and has over 30 years of nursing experience.

Jennifer Gibson has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and has over seven years of nursing experience. We are dedicated to operating an assisted living facility where residents are provided personalized, resident centered care in order to meet individual needs and performances. We have extensive experience in geriatrics, family medicine, administration, leadership, and research. We enjoy what we do, and believe we are making a difference in the lives of our residents.